Google Profiles automatically finds your links via MyBlogLog

This evening, I was adding new links to my Google Profile so as to improve my social search experience. As I added MyBlogLog profile, I got totally thrilled to see that all my social profiles were automatically identified by Google. These were the sites and services which I added to MyBlogLog earlier.

Now, this is really a great use of such open data and results in a wow experience. Lijit, a social blog search tool, and some other services have been using this data since a long time. If you are a developer, you can also grab this data using our APIs or microformats.

But, one way open is not enough!

While Google lets you import data in, you cannot export the same data out. Looking forward, I hope Google, Facebook, Yahoo and others will become more two way open and will drive creation and adoption of such open standards.

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See what you like!

We at Y! MyBlogLog have launched one of the very first open recommendation systems for publishers. The personal content offerings are now no longer limited to the big players with huge amount of user generated content. Even bloggers can offer personalized content through our new wordpress plugin: “Just for you“. The plugin shows up posts, from the blog archives, matching the visitor interests. Each visitor can see different stories according to their stated interests on MyBlogLog. More here.

MyBlogLog was acquired by Yahoo! in Jan 2007. Working for the MyBlogLog team has been a great fun for me. We enjoy the benefits of the big Yahoo! infrastructure as well as a startup culture with strong focus on innovation. Even as a newbie, we have opportunity to try out our ideas. This idea of the open recommendation engine clicked me sometime back. We implemented it quickly, filed a patent too and here is the launch. It is just wonderful to have this opportunity to develop innovative new products that tons of people find useful. Many Thanks to Pankaj, Ian and Todd!

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