Updatesville: Buzooka, Tweetoo, Beh.roo.piya: who all are you?

Last week, we had a blast at the Yahoo! internal Hack Day. Suraj, Kunal & I created an application: Updatesville which was the overall winner. And another social hack, which Uma, Kumar and I did, also bagged a prize!

Updatesville makes sharing updates on Yahoo! fun. More updates you share more points you win. You also unlock badges on reaching milestones like tweeto on sharing 5 tweets, buzooka on buzzing up 7 times, Beh.roo.piya (impersonator in Hindi) on creating an avatar, etc.

Try now: http://pulse.yahoo.com/y/apps/7BNRkt42 and see where do you rank among your friends!

YQL, Social SDK and YAP made it very easy for us to complete the hack within 24 hours. YAP is the platform where our application runs and via YQL we query Yahoo! social APIs to find out your contacts and updates. (More on Hacking Yahoo! social here)

Updatesville was greatly inspired by OneTrueFan, Foursquare, Zynga games and Retweet RankOneTrueFan is the latest idea from the founders of MyBlogLog. In OTF, you compete to be the biggest fan of your favorite sites. If you like Foursquare, you will love OTF too! Try it out.

Do you want to hack?
Yahoo! is hosting its 3rd Open Hack India on 24th-25th July 2010 at the The Taj Residency, Bangalore. Sign up now.

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  • I've noticed one thing - in your creations you like putting "Rank" as one of the feature. RetweetRank, Updatesville, or whatever you make. Competitive to the core :)

  • yeah! rank makes it more competitive & viral :-)

  • Awesome work dude!

  • Thanks Venky & Ian!

  • Congratulations!

  • Venkata Krishnan

    Awesome!!! Good stuff dudes :)

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