Why are your Gulab Jamuns so expensive?

Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamuns: Image by Kashif M via Flickr

Last Saturday I was at unpluggd. It was the best startup event I have ever attended. While most of the speakers were  tech entrepreneurs, one of them was Gaurav Jain, founder of Mast Kalandar. It is a VC funded fast food chain in Bangalore.

During QnA, one question that was shot to Gaurav:

Why your desserts like Gulab Jamuns are almost as expensive as your Aaloo Parathas?

Gaurav responded telling one of the key inputs to their pricing strategy is the turn around time of the tables. On an average people spend 25 minutes to finish their main course and another 20 minutes for desserts. Gulab jamuns are served at an opportunity cost of main course for someone else on your table; making them expensive.

Another interesting fact which came out during his talk was that an average McDonalds burger is three months old deep frozen!!!

If you are in Bangalore, I highly recommend Mast Kalandar for a casual dine out because of their good, healthy and hygienic food. Unlike McDonalds, they cook every day. :-)

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  • Good read! With some of the best restaurants in Indiranagar, Bangalore cropping up it's too steadily becoming a top culinary destination like other cities in India.  

  • russ_au

    Okay, so now I have to try the Gulab Jamuns at this place 1min walk from my work: http://www.jaipursweets.com...

  • Super! I am sure you will love it! Gulab Jamun is one of the most popular Indian dessert :-)

  • neeraj10781

    This is a very good idea of open a new kind of food chain in Banglore.
    It will serve by home delvery also.

    student aid

  • Vinod

    haha thats interesting. But may be I should talk to hotel people for a deal for me as I don't usually take that much time for food :) And in that logic take away should be cheaper as that doesn't cost any table for them. Mast Kalendar is good.

  • mast kalander mast hai

  • hehe Interesting :) Btw I loove Mast Kalander! They have one of the most authentic North Indian food in Bangalore :)

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