Good developers are like librarians


I read an interesting post from Chris Heilmann this evening on how you can be a better developer by being cleverly lazy. I especially liked this paragraph from his post:

Librarians are great people. Instead of knowing everything that is in the library they know exactly where to find the information to solve a problem. As a cleverly lazy developer you should do the same.

As a developer, you and I should know where to find the best solutions and how to use them. Be up-to-date with what’s happening in our domains and smartly solve our problems.

If you are developing web applications, you should read chris’s blog, you will find it interesting.

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  • Siddharth Fadnis

    true indeed, how are you buddy? nice to know you are having some fun at iitb placements...

  • Am good sid, good to see you here.

  • Janet

    hmmm.. looks like everybody ends up promoting smart work rather than hard work!

  • Yeah, thats true. Smart and result oriented work gets paid.

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