Rediff redesign: No more ads on homepage (a leading Indian web portal) has launched the new design with minimal stuff on it. Lot more clean and tidy. The focus is essentially on search, as Ashish writes at

The bet is very simple – content game hasn’t worked (the good news is that it’s not working for others as well). Search has higher CTR (clickthrough rate) and that’s where the monetization might work for Rediff (though the search intent falls under Google’s purview!)

Another thing to note is ads are gone from homepage now. This means better user experience but a drop in short term revenue for rediff. Given they are struggling to retain users, this move looks good.

I appreciate the new design much more. But, like earlier I won’t use it. Also, looking at initial reactions, I doubt if this design will appeal to their existing users. Their focus on search can actually prove fatal.

Did they forget Next button?

Search results do not show a next button, though previous button is present. :P

Rediff mobile is still the same heavy site. I hope its redesign will follow soon.

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