Webmeme.In – Indian Techmeme

If you like Techmeme and are interested in following Indian technology news, then Webmeme.In is for you!

Webmeme.In, an Indian technology news aggregator, is my brand new mashup built on top of Yahoo! BOSS. Its a meme, presenting you the hottest Indian tech stories that are buzzing on the web. Want to know more about a story? Just click on it and you will reach the source blog. Sidebar presents the most recent stories from Indian tech blogs. You can also search amongst the tech news right from the site. Try it now.

Most of the stories you see on Webmeme.In are from Indian blogs. At the same time, stories from the top international blogs related to Indian tech industry will also flow into Webmeme.In river. So, you will not miss if TechCrunch is talking something interesting about an Indian company.

Follow @webmeme (top stories) or @webmemeFH (Firehose: all posts) to receive new updates in twitter. You can also subscribe to the RSS feeds.


How it works?

  • Data aggregation: I use YQL to aggregate and extract data from all the sources.
  • Story selection/Ranking: Recent stories which are generating maximum conversation over the web are selected automatically using APIs including Y! BOSS site explorer, Google Trackbacks and the most important postrank API which tracks almost all of the social media including bookmarking sites, Twitter, Friendfeed, comments on the blog post, etc.
  • Related Stories: Related stories are found through similarity calculated over several features like content, tags, links, etc and is easily accomplished using text mining methods present in BOSS Mashup framework.
  • Search: Site restricted search powered by Y! BOSS.
  • User Interface: YUI. Get your grids quickly through YUI Grid builder
  • Hosting: Site runs on Google App Engine, my favorite hosting platform.

Have suggestions/questions/feedback? Drop a comment below or contact me.

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  • voho nice website..techmeme shows top posts and recent post..as well as sources of news are also big platforms like NDTV and DNA India

  • Webmeme looks very good. I have been using YQL (to make feed out of Aamirs blog)for sometime now. I just love it.
    Can you add my blog tech section http://thejeshgn.com/catego...

  • Thanks, will add ur blog feed.

  • Hi! Tried Webmeme.in & found it cool.

    Do I need to apply or request for including my blogs here?, or it is done automatically.


  • Thanks, will add blog.arpitnext.com.

  • Thanks guys.

  • Guest

    Hey saurabh do add my blog in your list..

  • Janet Quadras

    This is really nice! Great job!

  • Its really a nice news aggregrator...gr8 job..

  • Very nice Saurabh. Good work.

  • Good going Saurabh. Just read about the project through Amit's status msgs. Is there a place where we can submit our blog for inclusion in webmeme.in?

  • Hey Shubham, start.in is now in!

  • Awesome Job! Was looking for something like this for a long time.


  • Thanks Indus. I was also looking for it since a long time :P

  • Nice. Just glanced through the front page and found a good amount of interesting content. To you credit a large percentage of the content was related to India.

  • Thanks Pallab. All content you see will be from top Indian Tech blogs or stories related to India from international blogs.

  • Great work Saurabh. I have visited the site and I must say you have done wonderful job. Though One question how and in what ways we can see our tech blog in the webmemein database.


  • Arjun

    Great work Saurabh, I found your site on a indian news aggregator at www.alltops.in/news, u r done a great work and i have added it to my reader.......

  • Arjun

    actually it is found in www.alltops.in/morenews

  • Thanks Harsh. I will add your blog to the list. Good luck!

  • Thanks Saurabh. I appreciate that!! :)

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