What is your retweet rank?

Obama is the most followed twitter user, but who is producing the most interesting content across the twittersphere lately?

Retweets are great indication of the originator’s topical influence and the audience’s interest. Recently, after reading a post “Are You Retweetable“, from Todd Sampson (co-founder MyBlogLog), I thought of creating a quick hack, Retweetrank, for ranking twitter users based on the number of retweets.

Retweetrank lets you find rank of any twitter user. With the rank, latest retweets of the user are shown and an RSS feed can also be grabbed for the same. Monitoring retweets can provide a better understanding of audience to the originator while others can see the most interesting tweets of a user.

The top ranked twitter users, who have been most retweeted recently, are listed in the leaderboard. They are the ones producing most interesting content across the twittersphere.

Find your retweet rank now.

Retweetrank searches the public timelines of twitter users through the twitter APIs and is deployed on google appengine.

Update (Jan 11): As Ian Kennedy suggested below in the comments, here is a greasemonkey script to see recent retweets for any user in the twitter sidebar.

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  • Very interesting!

    This tool sounds great... Our profile showing 84% of retweet rank :)))

  • flpmtts

    Hi there! The userlist of who have tweeted are shown in the right order? I mean, with "Retweet Rank I'll know which have retweeted first? thanx!

  • Yes. This is sorted by time. Latest first.

  • Vaisaba

    Very nice

  • russ_au

    Hi.. nice site. Where is this hosted? The domain traceroutes to a google location?

  • Thanks Russ. Its hosted on google appengine.

  • russ_au

    ah, nice! my own appengine mucking: http://tetrisapp.appspot.com/

  • Super, I love the replay feature :-)

  • This is a pretty cool concept. Keep up the good work.

  • seo123

    Good idea,Great work!

  • Cool hack :)

  • Chaudie

    This doesn't really tell me anything. What percentile is the top? Since my rank is in the 2000's does that mean I'm higher than most?

  • Nyko, You are a rockstar! 100%ile is the best. Your rank is better than 99.61% of twitter users!

  • I like the tool. Very useful, but it would be even more useful if we could get normalized value from 0-100 (not the percentile) based on the rank relative to total number of ranked users.

    My Twitter Ranking Tool review : http://philgo20.com/2009/08...

  • Thanks Philippe for the review. I like your suggestion. Will keep in mind if i release a v2.

  • Amazing stuff.

  • My rank is very low...

  • Even mine :P
    Use it to find people you would like to follow :)

  • michelle sheiman

    You measuring an absolute number of retweets, right?

    It would be another useful piece of information to know percentages: what % of a Twitter User's tweets are re-tweeted. That would give a different leader board.

    It also would be useful to know the number of a user's retweets relative to the number of their followers. That stat would show whether the appropriate target audience was following the Twitterer and if the content was relevant to that targeted audience.


    Great tool.

  • Right, this is through absolute number of recent retweets. I appreciate your suggestions. These updates will make it more useful.

  • So why do several people have the same rank? (1001)

  • Hey found this to be exceptionally great for what I am implying soon to my site.. cool stuff really! Keep Up the great work...

    Norman Flecha

  • nice utility !!

  • This is interesting and useful. What I have noticed since I started checking it is that some people retweet using (via @joeschmitt) but that those retweets don't show up here. Any thought of adding that to the counts? Doesn't matter much to me and the jokes I tweet, but would think the people who write to be retweeted are missing a few.

  • Thanks Joe. Will try to get "via @" in soon. I have seen a few more tweets for the same.

  • What is the timeframe being used for this data...1 day, past 30 days, 60 days, or more? Interesting app.

  • Brent: Ranking is based on the timeframe in which last 100 retweets arrived. Smaller is the timeframe, better is your rank. In case there are fewer retweets for a user, number of retweets account for the rank.

  • When someone retweets a retweet, does that count toward the original tweeter, the first retweeter, or both?

  • It counts as a retweet for both.

  • wow this is awesome ... and this time you have a domain name as well http://www.retweetrank.com/:D

  • haha, got a great deal @ Yahoo Small Business, 1.99$ domain :)

  • seriously ?? man you always find a good deal ...

  • yeah, you can grab the deal at: http://tinyurl.com/ysbdomain

  • thanks :)

  • Cool little hack. You could add a greasemonkey script to add a quick look up on any twitter profile page.

  • Sounds awesome, will add it soon!

  • Interesting, have you seen this? http://danzarrella.com/rtm-most.php

  • Sweet, you have ranking for last hour, day and week as well :)

  • OMG! This is SO neat! Super clever, loves it! I swear, you never cease to amaze me :)

  • Thanks Tilly!

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