Dancing like Matt

Have you heard about Matt? He has traveled around the world and filmed himself dancing the same dance in the most exotic locations on the planet. His videos are just viral and you can’t stop laughing while watching them. Click here to see the popular “Matt Dancing” video which has been viewed more than 11.5 million times on youtube.

Matt Harding dancing with Hulis Wigmen in Papua New Guinea, in zero gravity in Nevada, with Bollywood dancers in India
and in front of the Sydney Opera House. [Photo source: The Age]

Matt also visited Yahoo! HQ in Sunnyvale and shot 33 scenes across the campus. Jerry, Sue, Y! execs and several Yahoos joined the Matt dance. Video.

A few days back I was trekking with my IITB friends at Siddarabetta, about 100kms from Bangalore, and there the idea to dance like Matt stuck us. It was damn funny to dance like Matt, we all were just laughing all the time. Hope you will enjoy watching the  video. Take a peak:

In the background, is a bengali song: Praan composed by Garry Schyman with lyrics adapted from Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore. The song also tops my playlist these days :)

Dancers as they arrive in the above video sequence (L to R): Kuldeep Gharat, Saurabh Sahni (me :P ), Kanika Nema, Bhavana Dalvi, Meghana Kshirsagar, Aditya Mishra, Kautilya Jain, Anuj Tripathi, Uma Sawant, Esha Palta, Unmesh Deshmukh and Janak Chandarana.

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  • :D, dog's entry was funny

  • Hilarious - well done, all! The dog stole the thunder, I must say :-)

  • Thanks guys!

  • Wow! This is something really new I've come to know..Amazing to see how mankind shares its passion for simple pleasures like dancing across the whole world..

    And as for your video.. man! u guys are really cute! :)

  • Saurabh I love the video...I've seen these videos of Matt before and you can't help but to smile when you see it! Good work. I found your blog via Fred Wilson's mybloglog and I'm glad I did...hope to see you around the web!

  • Hey Neela, we all miss you a lot here, do come Bangalore when you are in India next time.

  • This is just too cute for words ! I think I am going to stand up in my office and dance as well (in 2 hours, when my officemate isn't here to think I'm crazy :P)

  • hehe, hope u had a good time dancing :P

  • Nithin Dara

    lol lol! too hilarious! saurabh you did exactly like Matt!

  • Neela

    this is sooo cool! I miss you guys ! Wish I was there too :)

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